The Legend Of The 2 Year RN Degree

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The Legend Of The 2 Year RN Degree

Hooray — two decades into your dream career!


In the majority of instances — wrong!

In reality, until you can be taken in an associate degree program, there are a range of “requirements” classes you have to complete and perform well in. The science courses are rigorous and intense; it is not a good idea to load up on a lot of them should you even hold down a complete time job.

2 Year RN Degree
2 Year RN Degree

And here is what makes the wait to get in these kinds of two-year associate’s degree nursing programs much more: pupils have to complete the majority of their requirements before they can employ. There are typically hundreds of students competing for heaps of slots. The majority of those pupils have really good grades. Most nursing schools nowadays turn off many qualified candidates. Some colleges have waiting lists, but a lot of schools do not, meaning if a student isn’t accepted in their program, they need to wait as long as a year before they have yet another opportunity — to again compete against tens of thousands of capable students for quite few slots.


The truth is that there was once a time when you might undergo an ADN program in just two decades but that was prior to the contest to get in these programs was really extreme. Today it’s almost impossible to acquire a registered nurse diploma in a couple of decades. Most physicians today will inform you that the ADN programs realistically require three or more years to finish. Then after you receive your associates degree in nursing, then you need to prepare yourself and pass the most important NCLEX — that adds much more hours to getting a registered nurse.


There might not be anything as a “two year rn level,” so does this mean you won’t ever get that nursing level which you dream about? Certainly not. It merely means that you want to have realistic expectations and strategy accordingly. And when waiting 3-4 years to become a registered nurse through an ADN program is not exactly what you would like to do, then you are going to need to consider other choices. By way of instance, you may have to think about becoming a LPN initial for some time and then make the most of a LPN to RN bridge program.



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