CNA to RN Programs : How Do I Do It?

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CNA to RN Programs
CNA to RN Programs

This helps you to finish classes in much less time and spend less money and allows you accelerate your education as an RN. A CNA to RN program is the second fastest way to become an RN. What’s great is that you could continue working as a CNA to help pay for classes.

You also have the chance to make as a registered nurse; CNA annual salaries that are typical vary around $27,000 to $30,000, while an average RN makes about $68,000 a year.

CNA to RN Bridge Program Requirements

Cna to rn bridge programs – cna classes onlineCNA to RN programs are available at various institutions including trade schools, vocational schools, community colleges, and universities. These institutions have a CNA to RN, LPN to RN, or a ladder program where you are able to advance from a CNA to LPN. They work by letting you transfer credits you’ve earned towards your education to a higher position. Costs can vary for all these programs, and typical requirements can differ from state to state, but will include:

High school diploma or equivalent (e.g. GED)
Prerequisite courses completed
Minimum SAT or ACT scores
GPA of at least 2.0 or higher
CPR certification

What Will I Learn in RN Classes?

If you’re enrolled in a CNA to RN bridge program, while you might have covered some of them normal RN program will pay for the following topics:

Knowledge / Theory

Anatomy & composition
Basic RN duties
Family community care & health
Types of medical treatment & disease
Nursing theory & practice
Safety & health procedures

Clinical / Laboratory Training

Administration of medication and IVs
Monitoring patient’s insulin and glucose levels
Assisting patients
The best way to draw blood
Supervision training
Communication skills
Problem solving skills
Reporting skills
Sterilization of health equipment

After completing a CNA to RN program, you may be awarded a certificate in nursing at which point you’re qualified to pick the state certification and NCLEX-PN exam to become an RN that is official.
Ways to Pay for CNA to RN Training

Here are some ways you’ll be able to lower the cost of training:

Be aware you will need to attend on campus sites for laboratory and clinical training.
Scholarships  You can look online for any possible scholarships for RN training.

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