How Long Does It Take To Become An Rn ?

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How Long Does It Take To Become An Rn
How Long Does It Take To Become An Rn

How long does it require to become a registered nurse?

That’s an excellent question.

The RN program offers four and two year programs that allow students to earn nursing degrees that are different based on how quickly they want to go into the field and far they want to advance within their career.

Those who’ve earned their bachelor’s degree in nursing may also apply for postgraduate degrees after obtained sufficient experience in the area, which we’ll talk about later.

An associate’s degree may enable you to gain entry into an entry level position, but nevertheless, it can be extremely difficult (if not impossible) to advance in your career without at least obtaining a bachelor’s degree.


There are a number of prerequisites that has to be completed before being able to participate in the RN program.

It’s possible for you to find a list of prerequisites that are potential here: Nursing prerequisites

While those who’ve already taken a few of these courses in high school may be able to complete the prerequisites for most full time students the perquisites could be finished in about two years.

While completing prerequisites taking RN classes

To be able to speed up the method of earning an associates or bachelor’s degree some students may elect to take several courses which are required in the nursing program while they’re taking their prerequisite courses to help them achieve their goals that are graduate sooner.

Assuming you’re required to take two years of prerequisites and you’re trying to obtain an associate’s degree in nursing it may take you to obtain your degree.

If you’re performance is good some colleges and universities may offer an accelerated nursing program that could speed the process of earning a degree by as much as year.

Some students may elect to attend it requires to obtain their nursing degree and begin practicing as a registered nurse.

Post graduate education

People trying to further their nursing career and advance beyond their bachelor’s degree may spend several years working as a registered nurse inside their field of interest before participating in a DNP or MSN program.

A nurse may decide to work in a field including rehabilitation, acute care, pediatrics, holistic care or gastroenterology among many other specialized fields.

The DNP and MSN programs offer education and specialized training that allows nurses to engage in a specialized area of care that requires experience and more training when compared to a general nursing education can provide.

Individuals who seek out the DNP degree may seek out a position in independent primary care, teaching, legal counsel and practitioner care among other specialized fields.

As a quick reference the education estimated lengths for nursing programs and programs are as follows:

Associates degree (ASN) – Two years

Bachelor’s degree (BSN) – four years

Master’s degree (MSN) – 18 – 24 months after obtaining a BSN and gaining RN experience

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