How Long Is Cna Training ?

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How Long Is Cna TrainingIf you’re wondering how long it requires to become a CNA, then you’ve come to the correct place. So with that said, if you’d still like to know how long it requires to become a CNA, keep reading!

How Long Is Cna Training ?

How Long Does It Take To Become a CNA?

What’s required to become a CNA is that you complete a state-approved training course in addition to pass a state certification exam. The amount of time it requires to complete training is also dependent on whether you elect to study part-time or full-time.

CNA classes are available in a number of places, including technical colleges, vocational schools, community colleges, nursing homes, hospitals, or other institutions that offer state approved CNA training. It also doesn’t really matter where you opt to get training, as most CNA classes are very similar to every other.

You can typically assume the CNA programs in your state will provide the necessary amount of hours you need, although you’ll need to make sure. These hours will soon be split up between knowledge clinical and /lecture /laboratory training, though you are able to complete the knowledge/lecture section online.

To get an idea of what you will be taught by each portion, refer to this chart:

How Long Is Cna Training ?

How long does it require to become a cna

Knowledge/Lecture Portion:

Patient privacy and rights
Human anatomy, physiology, and nutrition
Medical terms
Mental health care
Roles and responsibilities
Legal issues

Clinical/Laboratory Portion:

Patient care  bathing, moving, feeding, etc.
Special needs and restorative care
Communication skills or social skills
CPR skills
Documentation skills
Infection control

the certification exam will include both a clinical portion in addition to a knowledge portion which will cover everything you’ve learned from training. The clinical portion is often supervised by a registered nurse, where you’ll be tasked with performing 35 skills you’ve learned to show your competency. The knowledge portion will come in the form of a multiple choice exam that may contain anywhere from 5570 questions.

After you’ve finished the exam, you’ll be notified whether you’ve passed or failed. If for any reason you fail, you can re-schedule and re-take the test another time after studying and practicing a little more. That’s it! After you’ve completed the state exam, you’ll have earned your certification, which you’ll be able to use to apply at many different workplaces.

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