The Full Guide Of Iowa Board Of Nursing License Lookup

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Iowa Board Of Nursing License Lookup
Iowa Board Of Nursing License Lookup

Iowa Board of Nursing or IBON, issues license to all the licensed practical nurses, also registered nurses. Based on the National Nursing Database, we get a report that currently there are 48,511 RNs and 12,056 LPNs having active Iowa license. Speaking of Iowa, it is a nurse compact state. It means nurses in other compact states cannot apply. What they must apply is multistate licensure in their home state. Iowa Board Of Nursing License Lookup is available on their official page to help you to lookup your license.


About Iowa Nurses Association

It is a statewide professional organization to support nurses. The foundation is the philanthropic branch. It means nursing students are possible to compete for scholarship money. Iowa Health Care Association also provides scholarship money especially for health care workers in long-term care if they want to get a higher level of education.


What Can They Help?

With their help, you can find any type of nursing license such as the certified nursing assistant requirements in Iowa, the practical nursing license requirements in Iowa, and the registered nursing license requirements in Iowa. It is also possible for you to look for advanced registered nurse practitioners (ARNP) license requirements in Iowa, or Nursing resources and organizations in Iowa.


You can apply for a license by examination if you are a new graduate or an international nurse. For nurses who have a license in other U.S. states, they are still possible to apply for a license by endorsement. However, you do not need to retake the exam.  (International nurses go with some additional requirements.)


Iowa has Iowa Board Of Nursing License Lookup and they have a statewide plan. This is important to make all nurses easier to start their education even at the lower level such as practical nursing or associate degree, so they can transfer their credits and earn their bachelor’s degree, especially in nursing.


IBON Online Services

It sounds interesting that they provide IBON online services, which can help you to deal with some helps like licensing services including updating the contact information, applying to take the licensing exam, renewing your existing license, and much more. You can visit their official page,  and follow all the requirements to solve your issues.


Iowa Board Of Nursing License Lookup is available online. You can get any help without riding your car to visit their nearest office to solve your current issues. They can reach you at anywhere and anytime.

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