Nurse Practitioner Vs Physician Assistant Scope Of Practice

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Nurse Practitioner Vs Physician Assistant Scope Of Practice
Nurse Practitioner Vs Physician Assistant Scope Of Practice

Nurse Practitioner Vs Physician Assistant Scope Of Practice is similar in some ways. However, these professions come with subtle differences. The main similarity is the job description and that is the main problem why people are difficult to differentiate between them. This article helps you understand more about the two specialties to clear up any confusion.


Nurse Practitioner Vs Physician Assistant Scope Of Practice – The Similarities

Both nurse practitioner and physician assistant require a formal degree in education. People who take these majors get some training to understand the proper care of ill, how to deliver the right healthcare as well. At the first glance, these specialties are identical; nevertheless, there are some differences especially the required type of education in these professions.


What Is Nurse Practitioner?

A nurse practitioner or NP requires more academically advanced and experienced nurse. A registered nurse must acquire a nurse practitioner certification. To get the certification, a registered nurse should advance from the bachelor’s degree (BN) to a master or doctoral degree. Besides, the nurse should be qualified through the national exam.

The nurse practitioners still must do his or her continued education. It can be for several years more. Nurse practitioners also need to apply some additional responsibilities especially, at the state level.


What Is A Physician Assistant?

Physician Assistant or PA requires a master’s degree. It is important for a physician assistant to take a certification exam to make sure that he or she is qualified. The national exam is named PANCE, as well a practice under a trained physician.


In addition, a physician assistant must follow through the continued education along with state licensure. He or she has to recertify through another examination that is PANRE.


Nurse Practitioner Vs Physician’s Assistant Scope Of Practice – The Details

The main difference between the two specialties is the type of required education. For physician assistant, she or he is qualified through a more general medical examination, which is PANE and she or he is not required to complete any residency. Meanwhile, nurse practitioners qualify through a more specific exam, such as geriatric or pediatrics, and they must have practical experience as BNs right before qualifying.

NPs and Pas usually are able to diagnose and treat illness, even to prescribe medication. However, nurse practitioners have additional responsibilities on the state level, for example, to prescribe any medication.

The practice of assistants and nurse practitioners are also different. For physician assistants, they must practice under a supervision of a physician. Even though Pas are able to perform their duties, but they cannot do anything without the supervising physician. Meanwhile, nurse practitioners are more independence that they are able to carry out some tasks to provide healthcare and assistance without any supervision, depends on the state laws, the level of education, the qualifications achieved and the certifications.

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